OUR COMPANY offers full range of services in field of movie-making (direction). We make full-length movies, TV movie series, advertising videos, as well as music videos. Our company will provide you with wide range of movie scenes, high-quality equipment – cameras, light equipment, “grips” and professional technicians. We will be glad to organize castings and negotiate with actors for you. We also offer services of highly qualified stunt men. We are creative and enthusiastic team and we will do our job according to world standards. We know that your time is valuable, so we always do our job in terms stated. We will take all your wishes into account and create a unique and qualitative product.

WHY WE? We love to make movies. Our mission is to promote development of cinema industry in Baltic States offering qualitative products at reasonable expenses. Our values: • Creative approach; • Objective planning of expenses; • Qualitative work made in terms stated. We cooperate with many movie-studios in CIS and Baltic States and we have got extended data base of actors and wide range of filming locations. From the point of view of expenses spent for filming process, Latvia is one of the most beneficial countries in Europe. However, there are wonderful filming conditions here – seasons of the year are expressed strongly, there is old architecture, wonderful landscapes and flexible legislation. Team of Rigas Filmu Studija actively participates in great international projects and it has great experience of work with international investors. Movies of Rigas Filmu Studija are introduced in international cinema festivals.




Creative team with great experience of work in international projects offers following services:

– Introduction of idea and scenario;
– Creation of budget;
Getting permits for making a film, arrangement of administrative issues;
Choice of actors and locations;
Production of film constructions;
Special effects and stunt-men team;
Make-up maker and costumer services, great selection of decorations;
Arrangement and accommodation of filming team;
Process of filming and all issues related to it;
Post-proceeding of material filmed (2D and 3D solutions, audio studio);
Promotion of movie.

We film cinema movies, TV movies, advertising and music videos.



The Daring Days (2007) – Paradise digital/Cinemafour/Russia

Zero Hour (2009) – Rigas Film Studio, Latvia

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler (2009) – Hallmark, USA

The Valley of Roses (2010) – Riga Film Studio, Latvia

The Fifth Century (2010) – Telekino, Russia

Clouds Over The Hill (2009-2011) – NHK, Japan/Film Angels Studio, Latvia

My Way (2011) – South Korea/Film Angels Studio, Latvia

Terminal (2011) – NTV Channel, Russia

Forgotten (2011) – RWS, Russia/Boheme studio, Latvia

Nevsky Prospect (2012) – MasterKey, USA/Amazon Studio, Holliwood/Riga Film Studio, Latvia

People There (2012) – Locomotive, Latvia

Agent Vinod (2012) – Bollywood, India/Angels Film Studio, Latvia

My Captain (2012) – Shuka prod., Russia

Gold of Gloria (2012) – Cinemafour, Russia

Unbukled Belts (2012) – RWS, Russia

In the Fog (2012) – Majade, Germany/Film Studio Rija, Latvia

Yae no Sakura (2013, 1 episode) – Japan/Angels Film Studio, Latvia

Urban Spies (2013) – Faberge Films, Russia

Modris (2014) – Red Dot Media, Latvija

Son (2014) – Russia/Latvia

You Have a Child (2014) – Shuka production, Russia

The Oldest Daughter (2014) – Shuka production, Russia

Two Legends (2014) – IKAFILM, Russia/Riga Film Studio, Latvia

Sweet Life/1-3 seasons (2014-2016) – Good Story Media, Russia/Riga Film Studio, Latvia

Romeo and Juliet (2015) – Latvia

The Family Album (2015) – Shuka Production, Russia

Johan Falk: Lockdown (2015) – Strix Drama AB, Sweden/Riga Film Studio, Latvia

Quest (2015) – Ivan Prod., Russia

Kupina (2015) – Boheme Intrnational, Latvia

Jack the Ripper (2016) – FireWorks Ent., Germany/UAB Ahil, Lithuania

A Gentle Creature (2017) – Majade, Germany/Angels Film Studio, Latvia

Pirmdzimtais (2017) – Locomotive studio, Latvia

Ar putam uz lupam (2017) – Tasse Films, Latvia

Chernobyl 2. Exclusion Zone (2017, episode) – Russia

Short Waves (2017) – Skarabey prod., Russia

The Pagan King (2018) – Platforma Film, Latvia

Criminal Fonds (2018) – Latvia

Bille (2018) – Filmu Studija 9, Latvia

Baltu Ciltis (2018) – Latvia

Kruso (2018) – UfaFiction, Germany/UAB Ahil, Lithuania

Homo Novus (2018) – Film Angels Prod., Latvia

Father Night (2018) – Mistrus Media, Latvia

Die eiserne Zeit-Lieben und Toten im Dreibigjahrigen Krieg (2018) – Slot Machine, France/Film Angels, Latvia

Sonata (2018) – The Project, France/Featuristic Films, Great Britain/Tasse Films, Latvia

Out Stealing Horses (2019) – 4 ½ Fiksjon, Norway

Humorist (2019) –  Russia/Tasse Films, Latvia

Oleg (2019) – Tasse Films, Latvia

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (2019) – Finland/Tasse Films, Latvia

Fartblinda (2019) – FLX, Sweden/BPF, Latvia

Elgava 94 (2019) – Jura Podnieka Studia, Latvia

Hero (2019) – Kargo, Russia/Riga Film Studio, Latvia

Nothing Can Stop Us Now (2019) – Riverbad, Latvia

Heirs of the Night (2019-2020) – Lemming Film, Niderlande/Tasse Film, Latvia

Blizzard of Souls (2019) – Amber Land Films, Latvia

The Immortal (2019) – Cattleya, Italia/BPF, Latvia

Hotel Belgrade (2020) – Black Yellow White, Russia/Arhangel, Serbia

The Pit (2020) – Marana Production, Latvia

Tsoi (2020) – Russia/Mistrus Media, Latvia

Natural Light (2020) – Campfilm, Hungary/Mistrus Media, Latvia

Window (2020) – Fon Films Studija, Latvia

Stranger Things. Season 4. (2021) – Bride Lake Prod., USA/Baltic Films Prod., Lithuania

W2 (2021) – Studio Metrage Sp., Poland/Tasse Film, Latvia

Termeszetes feny (2021) – Campfilm, Hungary/Mistrus Media, Latvia

Escobar of the North (2021) – Monday prod., Denmark/Ego Media, Latvia

Tas par ko nerunā (2021) – Cinevilla Films, Latvia

Janvarīs (2021) – Mistrus Media, Latvia

Matēs piens (2021) – Filmu studija DEVIŅI, Latvia




Russian-speaking ACTORS
Children actors
Stunt men
Producers of tricks
Trained animals



Roman Morozov


Supervise all activities of the RFS.

Artem Grigoryev


Supervise all activities of the RFS.

Olita Varpa


Production management personnel of the filming company.

Edgar Punculis

Director, D.O.P

Janis Zarinsh


Collects the necessary technical, social and economic information necessary to work on the development plans.

Ingrida Nagle


Conducting research into possible locations.

Sergey Ermolaev


Monitoring transport operations.



If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

Riga Film Studio: Tallinas street 45 – 21, Riga, LV-1012
Mob.: +371 26 002 150, +371 29 535 755
email: info@rfs.lv


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